I’ve missed you guys.


When we choose to focus on what we desire, it starts to show up all around us. On Valentine’s Day, 2011, I chose to seek out hearts. Once I put this intention out into the universe, hearts started showing up everywhere. In my food, on the sidewalk, in plants, it was incredible.

So many of us have a tendency to focus on the things that we don’t want. As if thinking and talking about these things incessantly will somehow lead us to what it is we desire. But the truth is, whatever we put our attention on manifests. So even if you are unsure about what you want, I believe it is infinitely better to pick something, anything, and try it out. If you decide it isn’t what you want, tweak it, change it, try something new. It’s ok to change your mind. I encourage you to try it this weekend. What is it you want?

When I started mybabylovessauce, I set out to post an original heart everyday for a year. As I started to work toward that goal, my passion grew and my process for finding and posting hearts evolved. My ideas about what was “original” changed several times. And finally I realized that I had a bigger vision for this space. I wanted to do experiments with love, not just a symbol of love. So I took a break from posting hearts and I formed a new plan of action, which I’ll be sharing with you here. Stay tuned.




I got nothing but love for you baby.


Born and raised.


Goes both ways.



Over you.


Home is where the zia is.