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I’m trying out a new diet and chocolate is only allowed on cheat days. Cheat days are generally scheduled for the weekend, so we can go out and gorge ourselves on baked goods and dairy without the risk of having leftovers in our fridge or pantry. Right now, we have some left over dark baking chocolate in the very top cabinet of our kitchen. I can hear it whispering to me as soon as I get home. I can just grab the bag with the ends of my fingers when I stand on my tip toes. The other night, in an attempt to cheat before Matt got home, I reached for it and it fell into a bowl full of water in the sink. I guess it was a warning to stay away. I still ate 3 pieces. They were just as good as I had dreamed about.


is a 6-course meal for 10 friends, 9 bottles of wine, and Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies. Thank you Adam Aaron for hosting us!

Borrow something from the boys. Some sexy tights and a waist cinching belt are all you need to glam it up.

on a late night in Santa Fe, NM. How long had he been watching me?

$6 Cabernet and house made pickles that sparkle in your mouth

This may look like a big disgusting mess, but it was actually the most delicious stuffed acorn squash I had ever eaten. It was overflowing with magical beans, onions, organic chicken sausage, zucchini, wonderfulness, etc. When i reached the bottom I continued to scrape at the shell until all that was left was the empty green skin. My stomach and my cells rejoiced after dinner with all the yummy nutrients they had received. I hope this new recipe will become a staple. Thank you Matthew!

Dinosauce likes to swim, hang out with unicorns, and paint the sky with watercolors. She is fiercely loyal to her heart and will simply nudge you aside with her foot if you try to slow her down on her way toward her destiny.